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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Sesam Sesam.


Do I need to have my mobile phone with me when I park?

No. When our cameras read a license plate number, the system automatically searches for active accounts where the vehicle is registered and automatically charges that account.

Can I pause/deactivate my account?

Yes. Under “Menu” in the app, you will see “Inactive/Active” and a slider button next to it. Use this button to change your account status. When the slide button is green and slid to the right, your account is active. If the button is black and slid to the left, the account is inactive.

Can I add multiple vehicles to my account?

Yes. You may have up to three different vehicles registered to your account at any time. For a list of registered vehicles, see “Vehicles registered”.

Can I register a license plate number on two different accounts?

No. A license plate number can only be registered to a single account. Sesam Sesam uses fully automated license plate recognition. When our cameras read a license plate number, the system automatically searches for active accounts where the vehicle is registered and automatically charges that account.

Can I register multiple payment cards on my account (business/private)?

No. Only one payment card can be registered to an account, but you can easily edit your payment information when logged into your account.

What does it mean when my account is inactive or blocked?

An inactive account means that the account has been deactivated using the “inactive/active” slide button, or that the payment information associated with the account is expired or removed.

A blocked account means that the account has been blocked due to repeated payment issues.

When an account is inactive or blocked, no new parking visits will be registered to your account; please make sure to use an alternate method of payment.

Can multiple vehicles registered to my account park at the same time?

Yes. A separate transaction will be created for each vehicle and each visit.


How do I retrieve my receipts?

You can either use the button labeled “Select and send” at the top of your payment history to select multiple payments, which will be e-mailed to your user address as a PDF receipt. You can also click on a single payment to retrieve payment details for that one visit by clicking on “Send payment details”.

Which forms of payment can I register on my account?

VISA and MasterCard credit cards are accepted as valid payment cards for Sesam Sesam accounts, as well as some VISA debit cards.

What do the different statuses in my payment history mean?

A transaction can have three different statuses: pending, charged and failed. Completed parking visits will be visible in your account immediately after parking with the status “pending”, meaning that the transaction will be processed by our payment provider shortly.

Transactions with the status “charged” have a green icon, meaning the payment has been processed successfully.

Transactions with the status “failed” have a red icon indicating an error. The failed status means that the transaction has been rejected due to payment issues or technical errors.

What happens when a payment transaction fails?

A payment transaction may fail due to payment issues (i.e. insufficient funds, a blocked payment card, transaction rejected by card issuer) or technical issues. The transaction will be retried within a few working days. If the transaction fails repeatedly, the account may be blocked and an invoice will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle for any pending payments. Please note that such invoices will include an invoice fee.

When will I be charged for my parking visits?

Transactions for parking visits made with a Sesam Sesam account are processed daily by our payment provider. The total amount charged is the sum of all visits made the previous day.


What about vehicles without front-mounted license plates?

Only vehicles with front-mounted license plates can use Sesam Sesam automated payment by registering an account.

Can the physical attributes of a vehicle lead to reduced accuracy?

Yes. Extra headlamps, A-bars or license plates with abnormal placement may result in reduced readability.

Why wasn't my license plate read correctly?

Several scenarios may lead to your license plate number not being read correctly:

  • The license plate could be partially covered or damaged
  • The vehicle passed the cameras at too high a speed
  • The vehicle was too close to the vehicle directly in front of it
  • Irregular driving pattern or lane direction

Do note that we have a system for handling most irregularities in automated readings to ensure accuracy.

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